A Message from the President
Summer has come to an end, there is a chill in the air and our coats & sweaters are back out. I hope
that all of you and your families are healthy. We’re all very anxious to see if November is the
beginning of our lives going back to some form of normalcy, and our eagerness to get back to the
things we enjoy doing like socializing, networking, volunteering, laughing, joking and being around
our family & friends. And being able to shake hands and give hugs.
November is also the start of the holiday season. Due to the new COVID restrictions put in place by
Governor Brown, our November General Meeting will be virtual. Our speaker is from the City of
Salem. We have our annual Christmas Bunco party in December, with some new fun stuff, if you are
a new member you won’t want to miss it. Lots of fun!
Our meetings have been very thin for a while now, I am hoping that all of you will begin attending
the meetings again starting in December. I miss all of you and I am looking forward to seeing all of
you along with all the smiles & laughter.

Julie Davis, NAWIC Salem Chapter President

November 2020 Newsletter

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