May 7, 2013, Salem Airport 

The Willamette Valley Construction Career Day is on its 10th year! This is a wonderful event that provides over 600 high school students in the Willamette Valley with hands-on exposure to a myriad of opportunities in the construction industry. This event is divided into three informational areas:

Heavy Equipment—students are able to operate heavy equipment;

Hands-On Activities—students can participate in various hands-on activities, including framing, carpentry, glass cutting, masonry, and many others; and

Informational—local educational programs and industry associations will be handing out information about their programs and services to youth that might be interested in the industry.

The reason for hosting this event is to educate students about the range of career options available in the construction industry. This event not only benefits students, in that they are exposed to alternative career paths that they might not otherwise learn about in the classroom, but this event also benefits the local construction industry, in recruiting a future workforce. Additionally, this event gives students the opportunity to apply many mathematical principles that they are learning in the classroom.  The Salem NAWIC Chapter is pleased and honored to be in its 10th year, and extremely grateful for the gracious support and involvement of the local businesses and associations that make it all possible. We could not do it without them!