February 20, 2019 – General Meeting. 5:30pm, at Salem Contractor’s Exchange 2256 Judson St SE, Salem, OR 97302

March 8, 2019 – 5:30pm-9:00pm -International Women’s Day Dinner at Gilgamesh Brewery – 2065 Madrona Ave SE, Salem, OR 97302

March 20, 2019 – General Meeting. 5:30pm, at Salem Contractor’s Exchange 2256 Judson St SE, Salem, OR 97302

  • Events (State, Regional & National)

Oregon Coast Retreat

Annual Planning Conference (Regional): This is generally a one day event in the fall consisting of NAWIC meetings designed to acquaint new officers and committee members of their duties and to acquaint all members attending of the goals and plans for the next year. It is typically an informal gathering; no actual business meeting takes place. This event is at a location chosen by the Regional Director. 

Spring Forum (Regional)

Annual Meeting & Education Conference (National): This event consists of professional seminars, NAWIC seminars, NAWIC business meetings, elections, banquets, and fun! It is held each September at a location voted on at previous annual meetings.

  • Monthly Membership Meeting

 Join us on the third Wednesday of every month for dinner and a program, followed by a brief business meeting. Unless otherwise stated, meetings begin at 5:30 pm at the Salem Contractors Exchange, 2256 Judson Street SE, Salem, OR 97302. Dinner and meeting are $25, and free for first time attendees.

This event encourages and promotes construction to students in grades 1 through 6 The contest is held on the local, regional, and then national level. Students are provided with identical kits of material and given 45 minutes to build something pertaining to construction using their imagination. They are judged on the construction of their project and their verbal explanation of their project.

  • Women in Construction (WIC) Week

The focus of WIC Week is to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry. It is also a time for local chapters to give back to their communities. WIC Week provides an occasion for NAWIC’s thousands of members across the country to raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry.

  • NAWIC Appreciation Night

This is a banquet held in the Spring designed to honor the businesses, employers, and sponsors that have contributed to and supported NAWIC throughout the year. There is also a “Boss of the Year” award given out, an individual or business that was particularly dedicated to the construction industry and NAWIC throughout the year.

  • Salem Contractors Exchange Banquet

This is an annual event of the Salem Contractors Exchange, which awards local contractors, subcontractors, and architects for projects completed throughout the year. NAWIC helps with the table arrangements and holds a raffle for the NAWIC scholarship program.

  • Scholarship:

Our chapter raises money to enable us to award an annual scholarship to a qualified student in the construction field, including construction management, architecture, design, etc. Our scholarship amount has continued to grow over the years and we have awarded as much as two $2,000 scholarships. Click on the link to download our Scholarship Application.

  • Golf Tournament:

This is a NAWIC fundraiser that takes place at the annual Salem Contractors Exchange Golf Tournament. NAWIC members sell string to participating teams, who can use the string to advance their ball, and thus better their score. The proceeds from this fundraiser go to the scholarship fund.

  • Secret Pal:

At the beginning of each NAWIC year (October), those that wish to participate put their name in for the secret pal program. Names are drawn and we have fun secretly surprising our pal with little remembrances throughout the year until September, when all of the secret pals are revealed.

  • Birthday Auction:

During your birthday month, members are asked to donate a small gift to be auctioned off. Proceeds go to the general fund.


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