NAWIC Coast Retreat 2015

Salem Chapter 198 hosted this year’s Coast Retreat at the Hallmark Resort in Newport.  Though the crowd was small, we had a wonderful time and got to meet some amazing women.

We were pleased to have Mary Louise VanNatta as our speaker at this event.  She spoke about personal branding and its importance in today’s social age.  She visited with us throughout the weekend, allowing us some one-on-one time with her.  It was a great opportunity to get to know her and learn some valuable information.

Of course the weekend is really all about FUN, and there was plenty of that!  We had a scavenger hunt, hosted by the Portland chapter, that kept us moving in the afternoon.  That ended with a cool shark! (inside joke to those who participated)  Then we divided into teams to design and build containers that could catch a golf ball when dropped from arm’s length.  The catch was we had only 12 drinking straws and a bit of tape to do it with.  It was a lot more difficult than it sounded.  We were all winners in that one!

Thanks to all who attended or donated to the event.  We are looking forward to what Eugene has in store for us next year!


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